Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day 0

0844h. So it all starts so innocently. A trip into Edmonton for a work meeting, a conversation about how some of us need to hide chocolate from our husbands, another story about how a friend experienced a craving for chocolate so strong while in Africa that she suffered from terminal insomnia---until she finally gave into her uncontrollable craving at 3am. She begged her friend for a chocolate bar from her secret stash; after reimbursing her of course!.

Hmm...I wondered, could I do it? Could I give up chocolate just for fun? Just to prove it to myself?

1252h. Yummy. That chocolate cake and brownie was delightful. Oh wait, wasn't I going to give up chocolate? OK, I will start again. Gee, I lasted a whole 4 hours.

1346h. Does white chocolate count? One advisor suggests no: it technically does not contain cocao. Another suggests that perhaps I should compare it to giving up something else, like alcohol. If I drank 24 oz of vodka a day, would I consider a beer cheating? Touche. Good point. Given the fact I do not crave white chocolate, I will put it on the allowed list.

1701h. Errand at London Drugs. Why are all the aisles covered in chocolate? Oh right, Easter is around the corner. Companion reminds me that perhaps this was not a good time of year to try this chocolate-free experiment.

1702h. Still looking for Tassimo drink cartridges. Why are we still surrounded by chocolate?

1717h. Carol's Sweets. Are you kidding me? Really, more chocolate?

1731h. Manor Cafe. Walk in and immediately confronted by dessert tray, and you guessed it--two, giant pyramidal brownie hunks.  Discussion ensues on the various food items that contain chocolate, such as the chicken mole I made for dinner last week (2 tbsp of Quik syrup in the sauce).

1844h. Time for dessert selections: the above mentioned brownie, a luscious sphere of chocolate cheesecake surrounded by more chocolate, tiramisu with chocolate...I will have some creme brule, please. And coffee.

2131h. Tell husband of blog idea. He wonders why I am giving up chocolate. I suggest he should be happy that I am not giving up other things. Don't they say chocolate is often a substitute for other things?

2202h. Happy that I have survived day 1. Hmmm, should I do a baseline weight as well?

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