Friday, 25 March 2011

Day 2

0606h. Running around indoor track wondering why I am doing this. Then I suddenly realize that it is similar to why I am exercising at this ungodly hour; the hypothesis being that the first few moments are painful but afterwards it is pure bliss.
0707h. Drive by newly opened Tim Horton's location. Hmmm...would it be an issue avoiding chocolate there? No, not really. Coffee is my weakness there. Perhaps that should be the focus for my next 30 days (after these 30 days are up, of course!).
0709h. Park in garage and spot lululemon bag. Eureka--the reason I am doing this: "Do one thing a day that scares you." This is my one thing: avoiding chocolate. Nice to know that 17.3% of my disposable income is going to lululemon; now their philosophy is dictating how I live. What's next? Doing yoga on Wreck beach while drinking a mocha latte? Wait a minute: that does sound like a great day to spend an afternoon...although I have just cheated in my fantasy (mocha latte).
0715h. Notice recipe for milk chocolate crinkle cookies on my fridge. I have been meaning to try that recipe out for ages. Here is the ultimate question: can I stay chocolate-free if I bake with it?
1245h. Really, really craving a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate right now.
1834h. Contemplating all the other yummy desserts that do not include chocolate: cheesecake, apple pie, pumpkin cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, blueberry and white chocolate scones (remember, in this experiment, white chocolate does not count!), rice pudding...
1902h. Would love to make peanut butter-chocolate pudding cake...
1910h. Husband going to get himself take-out. I request cheesecake.
1955h. He returns with aforementioned cheesecake and Blizzard for himself. Oh, I forgot about those--all the good flavors contain chocolate! Darn, another thing to avoid!

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