Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 25 (post chocolate ingestion)

0701h. Awake feeling achy. Remind myself that I hate being sick.

0830h. Return to bed, son accompanies me to play with my iPad. Doze off for a short nap.

0900h. Wake up, get dressed for work. Curse feeling sick. Hate being sick.

0924h. En route to work. Even coffee is giving upset stomach. The thought of chocolate is revolting. Ahhh...the cruel, cruel irony.

1032h. Decide to live dangerously--try Mini-Eggs which have been sitting in car centre rest for weeks. After about egg #4, feel queasiness in stomach. Betrayal by even my beloved Mini-Eggs: what is the world coming to?

1144h. Join family for lunch. Husband brought me McChicken: even that has me revolted. Boy, I must be feeling really sick.

1301h. Return to work. Feel sorry for myself. Feel icky. Can eat chocolate but don't feel like it.

1542h. Return home. Kids awaking. Feeling slightly better.

1832h. Bathing girls. Z is going ballistic because she has developed a strange phobia to anything floating in bath water. N is pointing out floating things in water with the intent that I remove them.

1924h. Return to work, again. Remember water I had at kids' dinner time that left me feeling nauseated.

2040h. Return home. Venture a few Mini-Eggs. Go down smoothly. Ahh...might be feeling better.

2100h. Eat McChicken. Feel back to normal. Life is good! Will check out yoga blog to learn about doing chocolate mediation this wknd. Think could benefit from same since after 23 days without chocolate, realize that the first taste didn't taste super special. Maybe I need to work on savoring flavors more.

2122h. Typing last blog entry before returning to work (yet again!). Thanks to all who have read my adventures, given me white chocolate in a show of support, and who have been entertained by general musings. This has been a fun adventure, but truly, I think I have too much on my plate to faithfully do a daily blog entry. And I am certainly not ready to do another "30 Days Without...." challenge anytime soon...

Day 24

0719h. Craving pancakes so making them for breakfast. Kids going crazy in anticipation.

0820h. Finish making rest of pancakes--iron pants, put away laundry and get ready for work in between flips.

1537h. Another crazy day at work; ponder the need for something sweet and life sustaining (ie/chocolate) right about now.

1600h. Company representative from international food company that sells a lot of chocolate stops by for visit. Tell her of my no-chocolate zone and how she cannot give me free chocolate. She suggests I have sex with my husband in lieu of chocolate. Remind her I have 3 small children; no time/energy for such ideas. She responds with him coming to workplace for troubled by conversation and ask for ear muffs...

1610h. Go to fridge to get snack. See left over cookie wafters from cake co-worker made for colleague's return to work (a cake shaped like a raft). Eat it without thinking. Seconds later, realize there was chocolate cake still attached to cookie. Then realize, with sinking heart, that I had a slice of that chocolate cake yesterday.

1611h. Devastated by my unknowing end to my days without chocolate. Only made it to day 23.

1612h. Speak to receptionist--ask her for free chocolate she received from company rep: if I cheated, I might as well go whole hog.

1632h. Eat chocolate bar in front of Tammy. Receive shocked, bewildered stare in response. She realizes she watched me eat the chocolate cake yesterday and didn't even realize my mistake.

1709h. Eating yogurt snack while hearing Tom tell of a friend who upchucked cottage cheese and yogurt on an airplane while taxiing for take-off to Cuba. This tale is to foreshadow something for me...

1925h. Tired. Extremely tired. Losing will to finish paperwork. Give up and head for meeting.

2106h. Community meeting finally done. Feeling feverish, achy, slightly nauseated. Start to wonder if I have food poisoning from yogurt: it was slightly beyond its best before date.

2130h. Get home, ask husband to drive babysitter home (a task usually left to me). Gather myself under blanket on couch in fetal position and curse my not-so-iron tired, forget that I can eat copious amounts of chocolate at will.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 23

2203h. Really, really, really long day at work. No, I mean really. However, ended on a happy note. Seriously contemplated breaking chocolate fast on way home tonight and baking chocolate chip cookies once arriving home. Thought about the sensuous pleasure of biting into a warm, soft cookie--tasting that gooey, sweet chocolate amongst the chewy cookie surrounding it. Washing it down with ice cold milk.

2206h. Am losing my mind--having fantasies about warm chocolate chip cookies...can almost hear the cheesy, lame music that often accompanies such fantasies on TV. Must go to bed now, sleep deprivation is causing brain synapses to stop firing. Hallucinated that Pippi Longstocking was at work today. I mean, how is that for depraved?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day 22

0730h. Indulge in sleep-in courtesy of husband. Greeted by enormous hug by son upon arriving in kitchen which makes waking up always worthwhile.

0902h. Kids are all playing in kitchen sink. Water is splashing on counter, floor, chairs, clothing...

0903h. Enjoying morning coffee while water mayhem entertains kids.

0905h. Interesting articles in the Sunday book section in the newspaper. Periodically pause reading to mop up part of the flood.

0954h. Remove wet sleepers from girls: advise both to go to bedroom and put dry clothes on. N puts on teal bathing suit. So typical for N...

1015h. Make raspberry pecan streusel muffins with 3 little helpers. Direct each to specific task and mess is actually kept to minimum.

1021h. Recollecting first time made this recipe--when T was baby. He eagerly "remembers" liking them. Inform him he was "drinking mama's milk" at that time and was not old enough to eat muffins. T states his love of drinking milk from breasts and how he still enjoys looking at breasts. No doubt that boy is heterosexual.

1022h. Killing myself laughing from T's breast comments...

1100h. Everyone enjoying muffin. Take one into living room with new book and tell kids I am officially on "coffee" ie/leave me alone. Wonder how long that will last.

1114h. Pondering the tail end of this chocolate challenge. Realize that this is a simple challenge; I mean, come on, I fast (denying myself any fluid or food) from sunrise to sunset, for 30 consecutive days every year. Avoiding chocolate for 30 days is not so bad.

1410h. Leave for short run. Immediately feel shin pain. Curse this new addiction to running.

1435h. Marvel at how at this point of run, one feels great. Cursing gray skies and snow flurries.

1457h. Finishing up--sun is shining, no flurries in sight. Think of Melanie Doane lyric: "without ugly, there is no beautiful." And hence, one could not appreciate the bliss of summer without the misery of winter.

1510h. Enjoying date protein shake. Will enjoy making chocolate protein shakes in 8 days.

1632h. Take kids out on walk. Highlights include kids taking in the local sights: such as doggie poo on roadway.

1728h. Dinner time. N having melt down; wants raspberry muffin instead of left-over grilled cheese sandwich. Ignore her whining and eventually whining dissipates.

1850h. Utilize TV to amuse T while registering for lottery for Nike's Women's Marathon. Excited: hope fills me with the possibility of doing my first half-marathon and of course, absolute fear in doing such a crazy thing.

2020h. Returning from quick visit to work. Craving chocolate. Seems to be a common craving time for me.

2104h. Finishing blog. Think days w/o chocolate are becoming less challenging than doing daily blog entry.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day 21

0745h. After feeding kids (and myself) breakfast, return to bed to let kids run loose over myself and husband while I eagerly finish reading pleasure book.  This is treat to myself on a Saturday.

0930h. Arrive at work with Z for quick work errand. Bringing Z along was part of mother-daughter bonding morning. Chuckling to myself that I am here this early on my day off.

1001h. Done--now deciding on place for coffee and snack for both of us. Would really like a mocha but will have to make due with a non-chocolate latte. Oh poor me.

1006h. Deciding on muffin; server just about serves me a chocolate chip muffin by mistake--phew: that was close.

1032h. Enjoying cinnamon latte and almond poppy seed muffin. Actually able to read newspaper (although it is The Sun) with Z. Take note of 2005 BMW 6 series coupe on sale at a dealership. Ponder such a purchase and then realize have no room for such a car in my cramped garage.

1044h. Back in car driving a few blocks. Again. A side-effect of living in a small town and travelling with a young child. At least that is my excuse this time.

1103h. Exploring the library with Z. Finding fun magazines for me and entertaining books for her. Love library: am reminded why it is one of my top 5 favorite places on earth.

1132h. Sign out books (including one on revising/editing one's closet). Z receives polar bear stamp on hand.

1159h. Back home--gang is eating lunch. Z eagerly shares her morning adventures with siblings.

1316h. Kids napping; read some more. New book discussing why we make mistakes. Funny anecdote on how physicians who were given chocolate prior to seeing patients made better diagnoses (because they were happy from the recent chocolate ingestion). Very interesting finding. Makes me wonder if I am acting like the stewardess in the nicorette commercial who is trying to quit smoking. Am I extra crabby lately without chocolate?

1317h. Decide that I am not extra crabby--that would only occur if I swore off all sugar. Then it would get extremely ugly. Not even going to entertain such a preposterous idea.

1400h. Editing closet. Come across cute tweed blazer that could be be update into more Chanel-esque jacket if right tailor was found.

1405. Email Tom re: same. Smile that I am emailing a boy for good tailor referral.

1815h. Kids running up and down hallway--racing. N cheats consistently: only completes half of race course and then returns to start/finish line. Siblings don't seem to care. Then N starts to just lay down in the middle of the course; inviting people to bump into her.

1817h. Happy that this racing game continues to amuse them and that I live in single-family home (with no neighbors to be disturbed by the sound of 3 pre-schoolers running like mad on hardwood...).

1915h. Kids in bed (again) except now for the night. Ponder what to eat that is sweet and not chocolate...

1933h. Distract self by making card for neighbor.

2032h. Do homework (AKA answer-key for upcoming work seminar). Reminded how lucky I am that I am done school! Would not return to it for a million dollars...or absence of muffin top...or non-achy lower limbs...or lower resting heart rate.

2208h. Working on this blog. Wonder what to do after this. Wonder if I am reaching chocoholic blog-writer's block. Blog block? That sounds funny. Say that fast 10 times....blogblockblogblockblogblockblogblock...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 20

0834h. Get to work. Meet up with intern who is plotting practical joke on other intern. Htas even made funny props. Feel absolute giddiness at silliness of this. Phone husband to send camera with neighbor so she can take video at event (where joke will take place).

0852h. Thinking of how I came up with this plan on a whim last night. Kidsfest being held at local community centre today; next-door neighbor is taking her son and volunteered to take mine as well. Unsure whether many young kids will be there. Gave birth to this plan as a result. Emailed office interns stating they would have to entertain pre-schoolers at the event; these particular interns don't particularly like pre-schoolers. Perhaps hate might be a more accurate term. Also emailed one of the interns warning her that the email was a joke.

0853h. Run into community centre and notify organizer that gag is being played on intern. Assurances received that she will play along. The trap is set...

0859h. Another co-worker comments on the spring in my step and extra cheery demeanor today. Accuses me of eating chocolate. Happily tell of excitement re: pending gag and deny any chocolate consumption.

0930h. Have iPad set up so I can frequently check for status update regarding gag. Never has been a Friday at work been so fun...

1104h. Recipient of gag is so choked up when finds out truth, goes home as a result. Success!

1150h. Call interns (both gaggee and gagger) and invite to lunch. Both decline. More fries for me! My Friday keeps getting better and better!

1210h. Home for lunch. Son excited about lip balm he received at kidsfest. Sisters extremely jealous.

1311h. Read book: a brief break before returning to work. Brew cup of tea for cozy caffeinated afternoon beverage.

1331h. Parking vehicle at work. See intern Tom striding across parking lot; his extremely upright gait suggests anger...or extreme buttocks muscle tension. Maybe he needed an anti-inflammatory suppository for back pain.

1332h. See Tom--he seems calm and pleasant. Remind myself not to turn back on never know what a scorned intern might do.

1444h. Done work officially. Impressed how a practical joke can divert one's mind from chocolate. Now onward to kidsfest to see the mayhem firsthand.

1454h. Driving a few blocks to community centre. I see a pattern of driving short distances here. Could this also be contributing to my weight gain?

1446h. See suspicious gentleman walking along sidewalk--slow down and note it is Tom. Debate between speeding up (and hence splashing cold, dirty puddle water on him) or slow down and offer ride. Given recent practical joke, decide on latter.

1448h.  Hope he doesn't note faint odor of fries in car from lunch take-out.

1449h. Dazzled by the array of cute kids' stuff including organic, pesticide/lead/PCB/feces/chocolate-free personal care products. Very exciting indeed!

1610h. After much visiting with friends and colleagues and other random strangers, leave kidsfest. Feel good about organic sunscreen and other "granola" products purchased.

1616h. Excitedly show husband produce bags; to minimize plastic bag use. He vehemently refuses to use them; will transfer produce into them once he gets home. Explain that defeats the purpose of bags. At an impasse. My excitement over my net produce bags fade slightly.

1617h. Hand girls free lip balm from kidsfest. N and Z estatic; especially N. Quickly, she steals Z's lipbalm.

1930h. Returning to work. Silence in car. Exhaust pipe still intact--phew. Think of "Rose & Thorn;" our daily family ritual at dinner time. Every member of family has a turn and describes the "thorny" ie/ not so great part of his or her day and the "rosey" or highlight of his or her day. N's usually involves how a sibling hit her on the head, Z usually alternates between pointing to someone randomly and accusing them of being the rose and thorn of her day, T is variable: on some days he even has NO thorn! I am amazed by the number of days where I struggle to come up with a thorn and how I need to restrict the number of roses. A rose bush is a good metaphor for life. Most moments are beautiful: just like the perfection in a single rose blossom--the bud, the bloom, the perfume. In contrast, there are a few thorns that prick from time to time. But when I think of the numbers of times I have been pricked by my rose bushes versus the countless moments of beauty I have enjoyed from them---the beauty always surpasses the pain. Isn't that like life?

2044h. Finally home---after pit stops at craft sale, gas station, Dairy Queen (in that order). Check mail--have package from my professional college. Why do professionals belong to colleges? Isn't that kinda silly? We have graduated from college (in some cases, many times over)--why do we STILL belong to one? Or lawyers--why do they belong to the bar? Doesn't that sound kinda seedy? But teachers' have an association and so do nurses. And trades have unions. Hmmmm. What do chocolatiers belong to? Maybe I should google that.

2045h. Open other package in mail: pants from Banana Republic. Love sales, particularly love sales that make pants cost less than if bought at Old Navy. Just about as much as I love chocolate---mmmm, chocolate.

2136h. Going to check out cool websites in anticipation of vacation to Vancouver next month. Already thinking of yoga classes, running routes, fantastic coffee shops, spa it May yet?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 19

0705h. Open son's blinds. Shocked at the sight before me: snow. Lots of it. Start to groan.

0706h. Son in kitchen groaning over dramatically (gee, I wonder where he picked that up from) about the snow.

0755h. Give girls' new shoes to wear around the house to keep them happy while getting dressed.

0902h. Sipping coffee, feeling good about my day despite the snow. Don't even miss chocolate currently.

1014h. Having such a smooth morning with intern; spending free time checking out rubber boots online.

1159h. Ask colleagues about the lame factor for driving to meeting in a building that is ~ 2 blocks away. Receive reassurance that in this weather, it is totally acceptable.

1200h. Enter vehicle--feel sharp, biting wind with blowing snow hitting my bare legs (no tights today--what was I thinking?). Feel I made the correct decision about driving 2 blocks.

1405h. Colleague spies me web browsing rubber boots online--is shocked at such unprofessional behavior at work.

1535h. Wrapping up paper work, crave chocolate. Start to see pattern; need chocolate at end of work day. Is it like people who need a glass of wine to unwind? The odd thing is I don't usually eat chocolate at the end of the work day---or do I? Hmmm, my desk is surrounded by various chocolate filled granola bars.

1901h. Washing dishes while son consumes the following: remains of his dinner, eats 3/4 can of pears, a bunch of grapes, a half-finished ice cream cone from the freezer and another scoop of vanilla ice cream. Ponder my love of Tim Horton's coffee while washing travel coffee mug. Really wonder if I need to do a new "30 Days Without..." after this 30 days.

1920h. Driving to work: hear noisy exhaust note for a moment. Oh no, did the patch job on the exhaust pipe repair (see blog of day 18 for better understanding) come undone?

2127h. Driving home: no more noise. Utilize windshield defogger and copious amounts of windshield washer fluid to clear windshield of frozen bits of ice.

2140h. Feel weary--need chocolate of some sort. Settle for white chocolate covered pretzels. Yummy!

2216h. Decide must end blog post early if want to get up early to work out. Must eliminate weight gain of this week some how...