Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 7

1701h. Dinner on the run with family. Craving some ice cream. Need to figure out what to have sweet this evening...

1850h. On way to a play with husband. Told that very good coffee house is blocks away from hotel. Search for same but unsuccessful; enjoy pleasant walk towards theatre. Pass by new bakery specializing in tarts (many of which do not contain chocolate) but is closed. Already wondering what can be had that does not involve chocolate.

1910h. Arrive at theatre. Look at coffee stand with various desserts. Stare down brownie: smooth, glistening icing, pecans. Debate about warm drink. Decide if can't have chocolate, won't have anything.

2100h. Intermission. Not really enjoying play which is shocking because usually I like most plays. Seriously contemplate not returning and going to dessert place for non-chocolate dessert (?carrot cake). Husband convinces me otherwise.

2104h. Everyone around me is eating a Haagen-Daas ice cream bar. Wonder if husband would eat just the chocolate layer off for me so I can enjoy the vanilla ice cream?

2105h. Go with strawberry-kiwi bar. Not bad for 100 calories. Still, I would never choose it again because would much rather have Haagen-Daas bar.

2301h. Babysitters leaving; throw away coffee cups and GASP: chocolate wrappers. Am feeling left out. Intrigued by wrappers; doesn't look like a brand of chocolate I am familiar with. Again, begging myself: why am I doing this?

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