Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 25 (post chocolate ingestion)

0701h. Awake feeling achy. Remind myself that I hate being sick.

0830h. Return to bed, son accompanies me to play with my iPad. Doze off for a short nap.

0900h. Wake up, get dressed for work. Curse feeling sick. Hate being sick.

0924h. En route to work. Even coffee is giving upset stomach. The thought of chocolate is revolting. Ahhh...the cruel, cruel irony.

1032h. Decide to live dangerously--try Mini-Eggs which have been sitting in car centre rest for weeks. After about egg #4, feel queasiness in stomach. Betrayal by even my beloved Mini-Eggs: what is the world coming to?

1144h. Join family for lunch. Husband brought me McChicken: even that has me revolted. Boy, I must be feeling really sick.

1301h. Return to work. Feel sorry for myself. Feel icky. Can eat chocolate but don't feel like it.

1542h. Return home. Kids awaking. Feeling slightly better.

1832h. Bathing girls. Z is going ballistic because she has developed a strange phobia to anything floating in bath water. N is pointing out floating things in water with the intent that I remove them.

1924h. Return to work, again. Remember water I had at kids' dinner time that left me feeling nauseated.

2040h. Return home. Venture a few Mini-Eggs. Go down smoothly. Ahh...might be feeling better.

2100h. Eat McChicken. Feel back to normal. Life is good! Will check out yoga blog to learn about doing chocolate mediation this wknd. Think could benefit from same since after 23 days without chocolate, realize that the first taste didn't taste super special. Maybe I need to work on savoring flavors more.

2122h. Typing last blog entry before returning to work (yet again!). Thanks to all who have read my adventures, given me white chocolate in a show of support, and who have been entertained by general musings. This has been a fun adventure, but truly, I think I have too much on my plate to faithfully do a daily blog entry. And I am certainly not ready to do another "30 Days Without...." challenge anytime soon...

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