Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day 21

0745h. After feeding kids (and myself) breakfast, return to bed to let kids run loose over myself and husband while I eagerly finish reading pleasure book.  This is treat to myself on a Saturday.

0930h. Arrive at work with Z for quick work errand. Bringing Z along was part of mother-daughter bonding morning. Chuckling to myself that I am here this early on my day off.

1001h. Done--now deciding on place for coffee and snack for both of us. Would really like a mocha but will have to make due with a non-chocolate latte. Oh poor me.

1006h. Deciding on muffin; server just about serves me a chocolate chip muffin by mistake--phew: that was close.

1032h. Enjoying cinnamon latte and almond poppy seed muffin. Actually able to read newspaper (although it is The Sun) with Z. Take note of 2005 BMW 6 series coupe on sale at a dealership. Ponder such a purchase and then realize have no room for such a car in my cramped garage.

1044h. Back in car driving a few blocks. Again. A side-effect of living in a small town and travelling with a young child. At least that is my excuse this time.

1103h. Exploring the library with Z. Finding fun magazines for me and entertaining books for her. Love library: am reminded why it is one of my top 5 favorite places on earth.

1132h. Sign out books (including one on revising/editing one's closet). Z receives polar bear stamp on hand.

1159h. Back home--gang is eating lunch. Z eagerly shares her morning adventures with siblings.

1316h. Kids napping; read some more. New book discussing why we make mistakes. Funny anecdote on how physicians who were given chocolate prior to seeing patients made better diagnoses (because they were happy from the recent chocolate ingestion). Very interesting finding. Makes me wonder if I am acting like the stewardess in the nicorette commercial who is trying to quit smoking. Am I extra crabby lately without chocolate?

1317h. Decide that I am not extra crabby--that would only occur if I swore off all sugar. Then it would get extremely ugly. Not even going to entertain such a preposterous idea.

1400h. Editing closet. Come across cute tweed blazer that could be be update into more Chanel-esque jacket if right tailor was found.

1405. Email Tom re: same. Smile that I am emailing a boy for good tailor referral.

1815h. Kids running up and down hallway--racing. N cheats consistently: only completes half of race course and then returns to start/finish line. Siblings don't seem to care. Then N starts to just lay down in the middle of the course; inviting people to bump into her.

1817h. Happy that this racing game continues to amuse them and that I live in single-family home (with no neighbors to be disturbed by the sound of 3 pre-schoolers running like mad on hardwood...).

1915h. Kids in bed (again) except now for the night. Ponder what to eat that is sweet and not chocolate...

1933h. Distract self by making card for neighbor.

2032h. Do homework (AKA answer-key for upcoming work seminar). Reminded how lucky I am that I am done school! Would not return to it for a million dollars...or absence of muffin top...or non-achy lower limbs...or lower resting heart rate.

2208h. Working on this blog. Wonder what to do after this. Wonder if I am reaching chocoholic blog-writer's block. Blog block? That sounds funny. Say that fast 10 times....blogblockblogblockblogblockblogblock...

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