Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 17

0933h. Playing a rousing game of doctor with T and Z. Seem to be in a very cramped ambulance as T drives and Z nurses my wounds.

0945h. Discharged from hospital. Dr. T gives me bill. I shake my head in disbelief. Must be utilizing his billings towards his dream black truck and hot dog stand/trailer combination...

1014h. Coffee break time. Only contraband chocolate chip cookies remain (butterscotch-coconut ones are all gone!).  Again, one wonders why one is doing such a silly experiment. Day 17 and still no book deal...or Oprah appearance...

1129h. Make fantastic tuna melt. Very proud of my creation.

1316h. Client #1 of day is already setting me behind. Oh...this does not bode well for the afternoon.

1616h. My foreshadowing was correct: crazy behind. Searching coffee room for snacks. Really need some chocolate. No, really.

1617h. Snacking on yummy cake. Reflect on the fact that the lovely women around me continue to bring non-chocolate desserts to social events (eg/bookclub last night did not include any chocolate items--instead yummy fruit & dip, a heavenly apple cheesecake and irish soda bread). Again, women rock (and guys are from a different universe--yes, universe, not planet).

1706h. Slogging through clients. Have to admit it is fun working with Tom and Tammy. Will miss them when they return to their urban training post.

1910h. Yay--finished seeing clients. Catching up on paperwork.

1911h. Phone call from other worksite: I am needed emergently.

1913h. Instead of just sending a minion (ie/Tom or Tammy), decide to go with Tammy.

1930h. Doing paperwork in worksite #2--co-worker tells of seeing a dead cow in parking lot today. What? Yes, a dead cow. I know that this is rural Alberta, but even that is over the top.

1931h. Really think we should do a reality show here. Come on, a dead cow in the parking lot?!?

1947h. Tammy informs me that during her time in Africa (which involved no chocolate and was partly the inspriation of this blog) led to a 15 lb weight gain. What??????? She did not inform me of this 17+ days ago. Throw object at her.

2035h. Finished project at worksite #2. Really craving some ice cream. Looking for pen. Where are all my pens? You see, I really like rollerball pens. I like how smoothly they write and the lack of pressure needed. And lawyers support this as well. Uhh? Did I lose you? You see, at a seminar several years ago, a lawyer (insert your own personal favorite lawyer joke here) suggested people use rollerball pens because you can actually write faster with them...and of course, as we all know, time is money...so now I love rollerball pens even more. Which takes me to the original point: where are all my pens going? The pens that I even mark as my own with green tape?

2037h. Tammy states Tom is glibly stealing them: ie/removing the green tape. Shock and dismay overwhelms me. Then I think that Tammy is putting me on.

2044h. Invite Tom for some ice cream. Tell him to bring some pens.

2100h. Enjoy medium soft serve ice cream. Only 240 calories.

2237h. Driving home after long day. Actually happy because I am surrounded by people that are all about as crazy as I am. I mean, who goes to a workplace and hears about a dead cow?

2330h. Husband offers cookie--remind him that it is chocolate-chip and hence forbidden to me. His look in return seems to suggest that he thinks I am nuts. Uhhhh...of course I am, has he not been reading this blog?

2332h. Up 2.8lbs. I am going to KILL Tammy tomorrow; she tells me of the 15 lb wgt gain NOW?! Argh. Might need to end this experiment early...

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