Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 6

0707h. Driving home from boot camp. Marvelling at the fact that have been awake for 2 hrs and only now thinking of chocolate. I am so proud of myself!

0850h. Seated at my desk and look over to shelf. Look at banana and notice---HALF A CHOCOLATE BAR! Who put that there? It wasn't there yesterday. Quickly go to other areas of office to confront suspects #2 and 3. Both vehemently deny any involvement and use the same excuse: "I would never leave half a chocolate bar; I would eat it myself." Things are getting ugly.

0855h. Still pondering who left the chocolate bar. I suspect #3.

1303h. Go out to lunch with suspect #1. Ask him about the mysterious chocolate bar. Acts all innocent and oblivious to its existence. Still wonder about his involvement.

1854h. Friday night outing with family. Daughter covered in remnants of triple chocolate cookie on mouth.  Give her a kiss but make sure to stay clear of chocolate. Eventually use mommy cleansing trick (AKA saliva) to clean face.

1856h. Glimpse chocolate chunk escaped from one of children's cookies. Think of eating it momentarily. Recover.

1920h. Kids in bed: feeling restless. Go for run.

2004h. Stretching post-run and looking at cute espadrilles in mail order catalog. Remind myself how much I love online/catalog shopping. Wonder if chocolate is available online. Of course it is--everything else is. Actually, make mental note to order some cinnamon chips online (which of course are available). Oh, and still need to look into availibility of chocolate-scented air freshener.

2005h. Knock at door. Girl guides selling chocolate. "Mint or sandwich?" I ask. Sandwich is the answer. Thank gosh it's not mint cookies---I might have been sunk on day 6. Buy two boxes. For first time ever, actually look forward to eating vanilla cookies.

2227h. Glimpse Harper ad on TV. "Tough on human smuggling." Really? That is one of the highlights of his administration? Quickly run to bathroom to vomit. And wretch. OK, now that I have expunged my body, check weight. Hey, I'm down 0.2kg. Whooohoo! What was I thinking? Ah yes, I wonder what Harper's favorite chocolate bar is. Given a recent newspaper article comparing various little facts about him and Ignatieff (things such as wardrobe sources, inspiration, newspapers read, etc.) where Harper was reluctant to reveal such important details (that may breach national security); Harper would probably not tell us what his favorite chocolate bar is anyways. Hmm, let's play a game: what could his favorites be? Possibilities might include--"Oh Harper" or "Conservative Crisp."

2245h. Husband offers chocolate cookie. My expression quickly reminds him of his faux-pas.

2246h. Only 26 days to go.

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