Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 11

0939h. Yoga breakthrough: do 1 second of crow! Wow. This is going to be a good chocolate-free day.

1004h. Rushing son to swimming lessons. Decide that coffee would be good--leave daughters in van and run son into pool. Tear off pants to discover he is wearing underwear: no swimming trunks. Specifically told husband to put trunks on under pants. Tell son to stay put.

1005h. Back from van with swim bag and trunks. Quickly dash off to change room to put appropriate swim attire on. Internally cursing my husband with the most vile language for making this harder than it needed to be.

1008h. Return to van and daughters. Have not felt this angry for a long time. In past life, had viscious temper (OK, still do but flares up less often). In recent months, have found God, yoga, and shelled hemp seeds which have led to inner peace (or something like that). Not sure how to calm down; especially over something so insignificant--come on, is my son being late for a swimming lesson really going to change anything? For gosh sakes, the kid still refuses to put his face in the water despite going through two sessions of swimming lessons already (this will go-around #3 at this level...).

1009h. Driving to Tim Horton's. Tempted to send husband nasty text message: this is a huge deal given that I do not text under any circumstances usually and the time it would take to send such a text would probably take longer than if I just found him and beat him up side the head myself.

1010h. In drive through: decide upon coffee and maple pecan danish as a way to appease myself. Instantly feel calmer.

1045h. Chatting with neighbor while kids enjoy snack after son's swim. Run into acquaintance that I haven't seen for ages. Introduce my three kids and catch up on the ages of hers. Learn of a most fantastic thing: a jr. kindergarten starting in the fall at the school near my home. My neighbor and I almost fall off our chairs in excitement: somewhere to dump our sons for 3 hours a day, four days a week--yippee! I volunteer to pick up registration forms for the both of us this morning.

1105h. Leave pool; thank my lucky stars that I decided to chit chat with neighbor versus rushing off to next kids' activity after swimming lesson. It was sheer luck that I ran into LS and learned of the jr k-g.

1107h. Finish coffee and roll up the rim: win a donut! Whooohoo! Will add that to the 2 free coffee rims sitting in my car. I feel like such a winner this morning. And no chocolate in sight providing this winning feeling!

1138h. Pick-up registrations--learn that it is filling up fast. Rush home to complete form.

1200h. Speak to neighbor and urge her to complete form ASAP. We giggle in excitement at our good fortune like two 13 year old girls finding out they just got Justin Beiber concert tickets. Is this what my life has come to?

1403h. Kids napping, finished Skype work meeting--feeling restless. Need a bit of chocolate to take the edge off. Darnit.

1734h. Cookies and milk time with the kids: give them chocolate sandwich Girl Guide cookies, give one vanilla one to myself. Son acts like he has never seen anything so miraculous in his life.  Two out of three kids feel compelled to split sandwich cookie--revealing the creamy centre. Why do kids like to do that?

1930h. Quick errand to Walmart. Pass by Mini-Eggs and feel magnetic attraction towards them: keep walking briskly by.

2034h. Typing this blog. Satisfied by my day of successful jr k-g registration, cleaning the kitchen floor, changing the mantle scape from a winter theme to a spring one, winning a donut, and trying to ignore the nagging craving for something sweet. Maybe I should check out that chocophilia (boutique chocolate online shop) that kinda like chocolate porn? Mmmmm---chocolate porn...

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