Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 20

0834h. Get to work. Meet up with intern who is plotting practical joke on other intern. Htas even made funny props. Feel absolute giddiness at silliness of this. Phone husband to send camera with neighbor so she can take video at event (where joke will take place).

0852h. Thinking of how I came up with this plan on a whim last night. Kidsfest being held at local community centre today; next-door neighbor is taking her son and volunteered to take mine as well. Unsure whether many young kids will be there. Gave birth to this plan as a result. Emailed office interns stating they would have to entertain pre-schoolers at the event; these particular interns don't particularly like pre-schoolers. Perhaps hate might be a more accurate term. Also emailed one of the interns warning her that the email was a joke.

0853h. Run into community centre and notify organizer that gag is being played on intern. Assurances received that she will play along. The trap is set...

0859h. Another co-worker comments on the spring in my step and extra cheery demeanor today. Accuses me of eating chocolate. Happily tell of excitement re: pending gag and deny any chocolate consumption.

0930h. Have iPad set up so I can frequently check for status update regarding gag. Never has been a Friday at work been so fun...

1104h. Recipient of gag is so choked up when finds out truth, goes home as a result. Success!

1150h. Call interns (both gaggee and gagger) and invite to lunch. Both decline. More fries for me! My Friday keeps getting better and better!

1210h. Home for lunch. Son excited about lip balm he received at kidsfest. Sisters extremely jealous.

1311h. Read book: a brief break before returning to work. Brew cup of tea for cozy caffeinated afternoon beverage.

1331h. Parking vehicle at work. See intern Tom striding across parking lot; his extremely upright gait suggests anger...or extreme buttocks muscle tension. Maybe he needed an anti-inflammatory suppository for back pain.

1332h. See Tom--he seems calm and pleasant. Remind myself not to turn back on never know what a scorned intern might do.

1444h. Done work officially. Impressed how a practical joke can divert one's mind from chocolate. Now onward to kidsfest to see the mayhem firsthand.

1454h. Driving a few blocks to community centre. I see a pattern of driving short distances here. Could this also be contributing to my weight gain?

1446h. See suspicious gentleman walking along sidewalk--slow down and note it is Tom. Debate between speeding up (and hence splashing cold, dirty puddle water on him) or slow down and offer ride. Given recent practical joke, decide on latter.

1448h.  Hope he doesn't note faint odor of fries in car from lunch take-out.

1449h. Dazzled by the array of cute kids' stuff including organic, pesticide/lead/PCB/feces/chocolate-free personal care products. Very exciting indeed!

1610h. After much visiting with friends and colleagues and other random strangers, leave kidsfest. Feel good about organic sunscreen and other "granola" products purchased.

1616h. Excitedly show husband produce bags; to minimize plastic bag use. He vehemently refuses to use them; will transfer produce into them once he gets home. Explain that defeats the purpose of bags. At an impasse. My excitement over my net produce bags fade slightly.

1617h. Hand girls free lip balm from kidsfest. N and Z estatic; especially N. Quickly, she steals Z's lipbalm.

1930h. Returning to work. Silence in car. Exhaust pipe still intact--phew. Think of "Rose & Thorn;" our daily family ritual at dinner time. Every member of family has a turn and describes the "thorny" ie/ not so great part of his or her day and the "rosey" or highlight of his or her day. N's usually involves how a sibling hit her on the head, Z usually alternates between pointing to someone randomly and accusing them of being the rose and thorn of her day, T is variable: on some days he even has NO thorn! I am amazed by the number of days where I struggle to come up with a thorn and how I need to restrict the number of roses. A rose bush is a good metaphor for life. Most moments are beautiful: just like the perfection in a single rose blossom--the bud, the bloom, the perfume. In contrast, there are a few thorns that prick from time to time. But when I think of the numbers of times I have been pricked by my rose bushes versus the countless moments of beauty I have enjoyed from them---the beauty always surpasses the pain. Isn't that like life?

2044h. Finally home---after pit stops at craft sale, gas station, Dairy Queen (in that order). Check mail--have package from my professional college. Why do professionals belong to colleges? Isn't that kinda silly? We have graduated from college (in some cases, many times over)--why do we STILL belong to one? Or lawyers--why do they belong to the bar? Doesn't that sound kinda seedy? But teachers' have an association and so do nurses. And trades have unions. Hmmmm. What do chocolatiers belong to? Maybe I should google that.

2045h. Open other package in mail: pants from Banana Republic. Love sales, particularly love sales that make pants cost less than if bought at Old Navy. Just about as much as I love chocolate---mmmm, chocolate.

2136h. Going to check out cool websites in anticipation of vacation to Vancouver next month. Already thinking of yoga classes, running routes, fantastic coffee shops, spa it May yet?

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