Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 14

1001h. Driving to work. Seriously wonder if I have much more to say about my chocolate deprivation. This blog is getting a bit redundant, I think.

1002h. Realize I am only half-way through; may discover a sleepless, chocolate deprived night yet to come.

1005h. Look in mailbox at work--note empty foil wrappers from tiny chocolate easter eggs. Could be the work of only one person: "Tom."

1114h. Listening to Jen Grant song: "Getcha Good." Makes me think of revenge for "Tom."

1139h. Outside washing car with kids. First outside car wash of the season. Love this! How pathetic is it to be excited to wash your car on your driveway after winter?

1147h. Impressed by N's car-washing skills. Definitely a little OCD in that one. Remember comment friend made a few days ago about previously being a neat freak before the arrival of her daughter. Think back to my previous neat freak days...those are long over.

1201h. Kids are all inside vehicle pretending to drive to Australia. Boy, that will be a long journey.

1229h. Hanging out with kids in spring sunshine and chatting with neighbor. Poor thing got pulled over by RCMP for driving too slow! Accused of drinking (despite being dressed in her hospital uniform and being 8+ months pregnant). Where's the justice these days? Don't they have real criminals to catch versus pregnant moms driving Suburbans?

1300h. Kids eating lunch: appetites seem a tad diminished. Did they discover my chocolate stash in the car? Noooooooo...

1315h. Microwave left-over coffee from morning and enjoy the quiet bliss of children's naptime. Not thinking about chocolate! Yay!

1350h. Finish second cuff (successfully) of jacket for babysitter with arms that are growing faster than the rest of her. Feel immense satisfaction and want to celebrate with some chocolate.

1924h. Reading book ("The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake") and struck by description of lemon cake with chocolate icing. Mouth is watering thinking of it. Then wonder if lemon cake with chocolate icing would even taste good. Remember lemon cupcakes I made in past with chocolate icing that actually did taste good.  Cake on book jacket looks very good. Remind myself that I haven't fulfilled the ultimate challenge: make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing during this chocolate fast. Boy, that could be quite the high wire act. Akin to an alcoholic entering an Irish pub...what is with me and all the alcoholism similes?

1939h. Think of another place in my top 5: strolling City Centre farmer's market on a warm, sunshine filled summer morning. I don't even think I would be tempted by anything chocolate there: just pretty jewelry, sinful fig tarts, amazing jams & chutneys (my faves being the one's made from rhubarb and lemon yummy on freshly baked scones from the oven...). Now throw in some Transcend coffee, and I would be in heaven. Hey, there is a new Transcend just metres away now. Need to work on making this a reality soon. Again, no chocolate involved. OK, just a bit for the mocha from Transcend (but I discovered a plain latte is good too). Rambling now. Need to stop blogging...

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