Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 12

0712h. Getting daughters out of cribs. N steals book from Z's hands. N delights in tormenting her to the point of balancing same book from her feet as I change her diaper. Z is going crazy angry; throwing various objects (diapers, plastic potty, clothing) around and finally attacks N: culminating in a bite (no skin broken) to N's cheek. I laugh and feel little sympathy for N. Distract Z with a different book and N instantly drops book #1 and goes for the new book in question. I think someone has a serious case of "I want what you have..."

0735h. Having nice breakfast. Ponder what kind of fights the girls may have over chocolate. Remember how Z mooched some of N's chocolate cookie last night.

1014h. Open drawer at work and find half-eaten white chocolate bar. Yummmmm....intend to only eat a little bit but eat a bit more.

1019h. Finish white chocolate bar. Definitely didn't intend on that. Is it lame that I thought about chocolate bar yesterday when I was at home on my day off yesterday?

1255h. Eat vanilla sandwich cookie for dessert. Ignore the luscious chocolate cookies nearby.

1858h. Son eating chocolate almonds as special treat. Very tempted to have one myself. I love chocolate almonds! Oh, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Purdy's...that hint of salt and sweet...which reminds me of chocolate covered pretzels.

2018h. Pleasant run with two comrades. Think about Mini-Eggs as we jog by grocery stores and drug stores.

2025h. Thinking about rainbow birthday cake a friend emailed me about yesterday--contains no chocolate. Very intrigued by idea. Think about chocolate porn (chocophilia website): store in City hosting chocolate tasting session next month. Chocolate tasting!?! I can think of somewhere else to go to celebrate my break from chocolate celibacy...

2040h. Remind myself of white chocolate covered pretzels. Think it is time to break those open.

2041h. Run upstairs, grab pretzels, and weigh myself. 0.6 lb above baseline!!! What?!

2042h. Eat "gourmet white chocolatey pretzels" in defiance.  Need to remove those from my vicinity quickly: argh--140 calories for 8 pretzels. Calories burned are quickly being replaced.

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