Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 9

0540h. Only awake 20 minutes and already staring down a piece of white chocolate and reminded of the lack of "real" chocolate...

0733h. Making post workout smoothie--trying to come up with something in lieu of chocolate to add to banana-PB protein smoothie. Instant coffee granules do the trick to make it a mocha-banana-PB smoothie. Yum!!

0744h. Google date smoothie recipes and vow to make same for Wednesday's post workout smoothie.

0832h. Running behind but stop at Walmart to pick up Mini-Eggs. I might be a lot of things, but I don't squelch on a promise.

1001h. Someone mentions open bag of chocolate in office. Quickly realize that it is the aforementioned Mini-Eggs. Argh...oh so tempting...

1513h. Feeling peckish. Leftover cinnamon buns from lunch in coffee room; snack on one and thank my lucky stars cinnamon is not part of the chocolate family.

1601h. Notice that there is no scent of chocolate in the office today. that a clue to the diabolical person who has been tormenting me? Suspect #1 is not in office today--immediately suspect "Tom."

2100h. Driving home after yoga. Start thinking of how many more days it is to chocolat-la-pooza (AKA my chocolate lover's feast---kinda like the fisherman's feast at Red Lobster except with chocolate!)

2155h. Google "dog poo chocolate." There is actually dog poo shaped chocolate on sale in the internet universe!!!!!!! What is the world coming to? Oh, also google "Mrs. Brown's Bikini Wax" on You Tube. Nothing to do with chocolate but kill myself laughing watching geriatric woman doing own bikini wax. "I feel like there is a hedgehog in my knickers!" hahahahahahhaha.

2158h. Google "chocolate air freshener." Again, it exists! Wow. Wow. Wow. It is absolutely mind blowing to think that I can come up with some kock-a-manny idea and all I have to do is google them and voila: it actually exists. Hmmm...I wonder if I could google more hours in the day? How about a safe supplement to increase my energy, make me 10 times more efficient, contains no calories, and tastes just like real chocolate?

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