Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 8

0737h. Gather items for upcoming run when discover boutique chocolate bar. Must have been left by babysitters by mistake. Nope, it is for me: a note accompanies it:
"Congratulations on 1 week! Enjoy!! Your chocoholics anonymous sponsor :)"
And its lemon white chocolate; totally allowable under my 30 Days Without Chocolate rules. Yippee!

0814h. Leave for Running Room to meet others for a ~ 16 km run. Never run that far before. Seriously contemplating cheating today with a transcendant mocha from Transcend coffee afterwards.

0829h. Discover only doing 13km. Yay!!! When did I become such a nutbar that running 13 km would suddenly be a good thing?

1024h. Enjoying yummy biscotti (chocolate and gluten free) and latte (plain, I might add---no chocolate in it whatsoever). Wonder if server thought I was a bit weird when I asked about which baked goods had no chocolate in them. Find myself enjoying latte and only coveting running buddy's mocha just a weeny, teeny tiny bit.

1035h. Mini-eggs are mentioned in conversation. Never thought about those until now. Have a major fondness for those. That delicate, crisp shell overlying that smooth, soft milk chocolate. Entirely delightful and currently forbidden.

1233h. Waiting for husband. Remember lemon white chocolate in bag. Sneak a little bit (forced to share with daughter #1 and not surprisingly she asks for "ma:" translation---more) quickly before I am discovered by husband (and forced to share some more). Impressed that I had such fun on run that I didn't remember the chocolate was in my pocket for extra sustinence.

1301h. Strolling Superstore for shoes for daughters and for last minute snacks for drive home. Note the plethora of chocolate containing products: the piece de resistance being President's Choice chocolate chip ice cream sandwich bars. Stop in middle of aisle and stare at them. Really? They had to introduce this product now? Why couldn't they have waited just a few more weeks? Need to add that to my chocolate meal extravaganza.

1405h. On way home. Think about all the chocolate products recently witnessed. Is my addiction to chocolate a product of my environment or is it a true reflection of my taste buds. Kinda a "chicken or the egg" argument: which came first?

1755h. Discover a practical joke has gone terribly wrong. Feel an enormous amount of guilt. Nothing like a nice smooth piece of chocolate to help relieve that. Oh right, can't do that. However, will reward practical joke receipient with a big bag of Mini-Eggs. And for my co-conspirator in the practical joke: do they make chocolate in the form of doggie poo?

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