Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 13

0759h. Wondering if chocolate addiction is being replaced by white chocolate fixation. Enjoying the latter much more than I ever have enjoyed in the past. Is this healthy?

0855h. Discover I have an extra 35 minutes to catch up on paperwork, enjoy coffee, think about chocolate etc. before my first client of the day.

1301h. TGIF. Will be able to head home soon; what a treat for a Friday. Craving something sweet and chocolately.

1615h. Field trip with family to the library. LOVE the library. Among my top 5 places to hang out. Find "Death at a Funeral" at library; friend told of this extremely funny movie months ago and glad to finally watch it. Eagerly check it out along with a cornucopia of neato magazines and some reserved books. If the library is among my top 5, wonder what the other 4 places are?

1921h. Watching young girls figure skating. Marvel at their hutzpah. I could never have the guts to do that sort of stuff--in front of a crowd, on thin metal blades, in a coldish ice rink, wearing spandex. Gee, they have a lot of guts.

1929h. Note what people are snacking on: ponder what Blizzard flavors I could consider that don't contain chocolate.

2004h. Ordered ice cream; decide soft serve is preferable to a lame non-chocolate Blizzard flavor.

2007h. Licking scant amount of melted Blizzard (mint Oreo for husband). Quickly feel guilt but then realize no chocolate was contained in that miniscule bit because I can't taste it.

2109h. Watching "Fair Game" with husband. Snack on vanilla Girl Guide cookie. Gosh, these are lame compared to the chocolate.

2202h. Decide hanging out in my family room on a Friday evening is among my top 5 places to be (even in the absence of chocolate).

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