Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 10

0712h. Getting kids breakfast and spot bar of white chocolate on kitchen counter. Note from babysitter accompanies it: it is a token of thanks for sewing cuffs on her jacket. How sweet!

0737h. Thinking of the tokens of white chocolate from various sources. Is ii a mark of female solidarity that I have received white chocolate from them versus tempting (and forbidden) milk chocolate from others? Although I am assuming the temptor is a male, and I do not know that for certain.

0803h. Finish lemon white chocolate received on weekend. Feel very proud that I managed to eat the 247 calorie hunk of chocolate over 3 days. Husband thinks I am crazy for my pride on such a minor accomplishment.

0914h. Have discussion with husband on how I could be cheating all along (ie/eating chocolate--not other types of cheating!) and no one would be the wiser, except God. Reassure him that I am not cheating because I would feel way too guilty. Would take away all the fun of this experiment.

1014h. Off for grocery shopping with 3 kids in tow.

1017h. Arrive at grocery store: forgot grocery bags. Drive back home.

1019h. Back at grocery store. Impressed by the fact that I live 1 minute away from my grocery store.

1034h. Buy bulk pack of chocolate chip granola bars that kids know I will immediately open to allow them a quick treat/snack. Momentarily think of having one for myself but stop myself.

1044h. Spot cookies & cream chocolate bar on sale at check-out. Think about purchasing until realizing that the chocolate chunks of cookies in the white chocolate aren't allowed. Darn.

1205h. Eating parsnip/potato puree. Recipe from allrecipes.com. It tastes funny.

1206h. Tummy hurts: suspect parsnip/potato puree (with just a smidge of horseradish: yes, horseradish--what was I thinking?) is the culprit. Gee, that wasn't such a great recipe. But I wanted to get rid of the parsnips that have been sitting in my fridge for a bit too long.

1245h. Tummy still hurts. Consume some white chocolate to cleanse palate. Strangely enough, it is helpful.

1313h. Busy working--noticing foil easter egg chocolate amongst dish of paper clips. Ignore it.

1426h. Clean out jacket pockets and dispose of chocolate chip granola bar wrappers (courtesy of daughters--see above re: trip to grocery store). Co-worker quickly spots them in the garbage and accuses me of cheating. My denials sound hollow; but they are indeed true!

1629h. Spot co-worker wearing red shoes (I too am wearing red shoes.). Comment that it is kinda like "Single White Female." Receive blank stare: she is too young to understand the movie reference. Feel very old. Need some chocolate to help soothe 30+ year old ego...

1705h. Open desk drawer: spot another foil wrapped easter egg. Now it is clear that I am being set up.

1812h. Eating lunchable (ie/cheese & crackers pre-packaged for little kids to take for school lunches but which I find oddly yummy and comforting to eat) for dinner. Realize that I cannot eat the KitKat. Gee, that's the best part!

2100h. Finishing paperwork--indulge in some more white chocolate. Would it be evil to develop a fondness for white chocolate as a side-effect of this deranged experiment? Smokers often gain weight when quitting because they substitute food for nicotine. How about alcoholics? What do they use as a substitute? Or people addicted to narcotics? Or sexaholics? Hmmmmmmmm....

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