Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 19

0705h. Open son's blinds. Shocked at the sight before me: snow. Lots of it. Start to groan.

0706h. Son in kitchen groaning over dramatically (gee, I wonder where he picked that up from) about the snow.

0755h. Give girls' new shoes to wear around the house to keep them happy while getting dressed.

0902h. Sipping coffee, feeling good about my day despite the snow. Don't even miss chocolate currently.

1014h. Having such a smooth morning with intern; spending free time checking out rubber boots online.

1159h. Ask colleagues about the lame factor for driving to meeting in a building that is ~ 2 blocks away. Receive reassurance that in this weather, it is totally acceptable.

1200h. Enter vehicle--feel sharp, biting wind with blowing snow hitting my bare legs (no tights today--what was I thinking?). Feel I made the correct decision about driving 2 blocks.

1405h. Colleague spies me web browsing rubber boots online--is shocked at such unprofessional behavior at work.

1535h. Wrapping up paper work, crave chocolate. Start to see pattern; need chocolate at end of work day. Is it like people who need a glass of wine to unwind? The odd thing is I don't usually eat chocolate at the end of the work day---or do I? Hmmm, my desk is surrounded by various chocolate filled granola bars.

1901h. Washing dishes while son consumes the following: remains of his dinner, eats 3/4 can of pears, a bunch of grapes, a half-finished ice cream cone from the freezer and another scoop of vanilla ice cream. Ponder my love of Tim Horton's coffee while washing travel coffee mug. Really wonder if I need to do a new "30 Days Without..." after this 30 days.

1920h. Driving to work: hear noisy exhaust note for a moment. Oh no, did the patch job on the exhaust pipe repair (see blog of day 18 for better understanding) come undone?

2127h. Driving home: no more noise. Utilize windshield defogger and copious amounts of windshield washer fluid to clear windshield of frozen bits of ice.

2140h. Feel weary--need chocolate of some sort. Settle for white chocolate covered pretzels. Yummy!

2216h. Decide must end blog post early if want to get up early to work out. Must eliminate weight gain of this week some how...

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