Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 1

0830h. On my way to work. No thoughts about chocolate...until now.
0927h. Friend comments that her boyfriend doesn't understand why I am doing. My brain comments that it doesn't understand why I am doing this. Why am I doing this again?
1254h. Manager tells me she found hot chocolate Tassimo cartridges at IGA. Mmmm...that sounds yummy.
1255h. Realize I can't have hot chocolate because of my self-imposed moritorium on chocolate.
1522h. Doing paperwork at my desk. Look at my nearby shelf and see my "emergency" work snacks: 2 types of granola bars that both feature chocolate as key ingredients. Eat 7 almonds instead.
1705h. Left-over chicken mole for dinner. Wonder if I should eat something else. But isn't this kinda like an alcoholic having coq au vin? I don't think it counts.
1907h. Just finished putting son to bed. Feel like something sweet. How about those milk chocolate/white chocolate swirl chocolate chips in the baking cupboard? No, that won't do. Eat blueberry/brown sugar with flax cookie instead.
1914h. Think about why I am doing this while sweeping kitchen floor. Debate about a donation to charity. How much? Which charity? Perhaps $1/day; no that seems pretty biddly. How about $1/hour? That sounds better. Now what charity? How about the charity the Palestinian physician who lost 3 daughters in an air-raid attack set up in his daughters' names? Good cause, but not really tied to the chocolate prohibition. Decide to donate money to local soup kitchen.

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