Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Day 4-1

0614h. Running around obstacle course devised by boot camp instructor. Feel like research rat in a maze; minus the rat food pellets and electrical shocks. Think about how my general intake of all things sugary is down. Good this be the start of something positive? Make mental note to check weight today to see if any objective change has occurred.

0755h. Congratulate myself on how much better I am eating lately; then remind myself I have not faced two of the most dangerous situations for a chocoholic like me: fresh baking containing chocolate and a social event with chocolate items. Again, feel a kinship to alcoholics.

0859h. Give very hungry kids left over chocolate chip muffin from yesterday. Feel extreme temptation to sneak a little morsel for myself. Talk myself down and survive. Eat a date.

0952h. Doing boat pose without ravenous cravings for chocolate. Unfortunately, this yoga session is intruded upon by work and not chocolate fixations. Return to work after sun salutation.

1022h. Looking in car for something and stumble upon Hershey kisses. ignored and kisses are left alone.

1054h. Visiting fire hall with children on a fun little field trip. Notice food debris on daughter's cheek; use oldest trick in book (mom saliva and elbow grease) to remove. Wonder if some of debris is from chocolate chip muffin and if this counts as a cheat.

1425h. Enjoying a nice cup of strong tea and finishing off a book (Annabel by Kathleen Winters). Very thankful that my favorite companion to tea is shortbread: no chocolate in sight!

1644h. Watching children splash around in puddles. SPOILER ALERT: GOOEY MOMMY MOMENT AHEAD.
Am reminded of chocolate because both girls' spring jackets feature brown as the dominant color. Laugh to myself that I am quite happy NOT to be eating chocolate right now anyways because I am doing something much better; watching the giddy smiles and giggles of my daughters as they discover the delight in splashing in mud puddles.

1645h. Ponder the endorphin rush of chocolate. Does the endorphin rush of spending time with my children exceed that of chocolate? OK, the sappy answer is yes.

The alternative answer is: eating chocolate makes a great deal less mess than cleaning up after 3 kids under the age of five. Why did I not just consider a constant chocolate infusion in lieu of having children. Berate myself for being terrible mother for even entertaining such a thought; however, this might be an interesting hypothesis for future research (for those without children). Who would participate in such research? Where could you publish it--The Journal for People with Too Much Time on Their Hands? Oh... I just thought of a great title for the investigation: "Novel Way to Curb Over-Population: Offer Populace Chocolate in exchange for Sterilization." Will alleviate guilt of coming up with such a cock-a-mainny idea by eating something chocolate. Or not.

1805h. For the first time ever, do not feel any guilt in eating my dinner from McDonald's. Why? Because there is no involvement of chocolate in a McChicken and fries! (Just obscene amounts of trans fatty acids and sodium.). I said I was swearing off chocolate for 30 days; not turning into some nutrition nut.

1921h. Quick grocery shop to pick up bananas. Quite fitting given the fact that the consumers of these bananas are 3 little monkeys. (Now before animal rights groups get all upset that I have 3 monkeys in captivity; it is just a little joke--the monkeys are my three kids. I'm sure that is much more politically correct; calling your children animals versus actually keeping animals in a cage.)

1921h. Spot chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream on sale. Darnit--very tempted.

1923h.  Add box of granola bars that do not feature chocolate in the ingredient list for my work desk snack stash to grocery basket.

2145h. While watching "The Good Wife" (one of the few must see TV shows in my life: the others being--"60 Minutes" and this week's coming episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" featuring Gwyneth Paltrow), check weight.

2146h. Feel slight disappointment that it is exactly the same as my baseline. Couldn't I have lost even a teeny-weeny bit of weight for all my troubles?

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