Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 3-1

0823h. Pondering my day ahead. Hear my children fight about who gets to go on a field trip with mama to visit her workplace. Decide that any drug (chocolate or otherwise) might ease my pain...

1022h. Purchase muffins at Tim Horton's (to help placate children who didn't get to go on work field trip)---unsuspectedly choose chocolate chip one.

1100h. Get home and realize that I cannot split the chocolate chip muffin into 5 (to share amongst all family members) since chocolate chip muffins contain chocolate chips in them (news flash!)...divide said muffin into 4.

1601h. Moment to catch breath in busy afternoon; walk by front desk and smell chocolate immediately. Accuse receptionist of eating chocolate. Greeted with vehement denials and pointed in the direction of the waiting room: look suspiciously at people seated--see no evidence of recent chocolate ingestion. Is this like people who smell burnt toast and then have a seizure? Am I going to have a seizure now?

1602h. Still conscious--no sign of seizure.

1603h. Wonder about this sudden acute sense of smell regarding chocolate. Is this like blind people developing heightened senses? What else could I develop a heightened sense for if I restrict myself from it? Women on the verge of labor? That could be worth a bundle.

1640h. Receive visit from lovely friend. Given details on a chocolate containing tea that tastes delightful. Chocolate tea? What will they invent next; chocolate underwear? Oh, wait a minute, that has been invented, and I think I received it for a bridal shower many moons a go. Will not go into further details since I promised to keep this blog "G" rated.

1645h. My babysitter decides she would like to try her own chocolate-free trial. Convince her to re-consider since on a good day she is very likely to be caught in a gust of wind and sent to the Far East. Suggest she try carob in lieu...

1647h. Revise post chocolate-deprivation celebration menu:

Post meal apertif: chocolate tea.

1939h. Winding up last tidbits for the workday and think about the place chocolate has in my life. Is it like a nice glass of wine some people enjoy after a hard day at work? Is it the taste? The texture? The smell? The sudden sugar rush?

1940h. Come up with various items that are covered with chocolate that I adore: chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered pretzels: until now, I hadn't even thought about the pretzels. They are the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. Suddenly remember about the WHITE chocolate covered pretzels hidden above my cupboard (courtesy of a boy scout fundraiser months ago). The thought of eating white chocolate pretzels was abhorrent just a few short weeks ago. Will need to reconsider that.

1941h. Think about watching Black Swan at home in a few short moments. Thankfully, I will be deeply satisfied simply eating hot buttered popcorn and drinking cola--no chocolate necessary.

2232h. Finish Black Swan. Deeply disturbed about Nina's descent into madness. Suspect a great deal of regular chocolate ingestion could have solved many of her woes.

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