Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 2-1 (ie/day 2 of my 2nd attempt)

0108h. Home after a long night at work. Got to late work because I was working on this blog. Could that mean the next 30 days (after the 30+ days it will take to complete this experiment) should be to stay away from blogs?

1911h. Encouraged by the feedback from friends. One will even refrain from bringing a chocolate dessert to book club! She is a nicer soul than I; I would definitely bring something deeply chocolately to tempt and torment! Another sent a link describing carob. Hmmmm...gram for gram, carob has more calories and tastes different. Nice thought, but not my cup of tea. It would be like driving around my Honda with a BMW emblem on the front; just because the emblem there, doesn't make it a BMW. Similarly with carob--I think I will plod along on my chocolate free experiment (without carob--although I may change my mind; I am only on day 2 of my 2nd attempt).

1920h. Driving to yoga class. Think back to yummy organic chocolate bar that a very astute person brought me back from a trip to visit his very astute girlfriend. It was so good that I tried to hide it from husband (was very disappointed to find some of it missing despite my attempt to hide it!). Makes me think that maybe chocolate is a great equalizer. Maybe it could even solve world wars. Remember back to when I was a student on a practicum in Southern Manitoba. We visited a nearby Native reservation twice a week. The children had challenging lives (to put it mildly), and I found it hard to develop a rapport so that they would trust me. A few weeks in, I decided to bring some Hershey kisses along. I asked the children to close their eyes, and I gently placed a chocolate kiss in each of their hands. The glimmer in their eyes when they opened them was priceless. Wow, maybe there is something to this chocolate free experiment; it is making me realize what an important role chocolate plays in all our lives.

1925h. Wonder if anyone will believe above story. If I get a book deal out of this blog (my main motivation for starting it, if you want to know), and I'm on Oprah (or whatever turns out to be the equivalent of the Oprah Winfrey Show on OWN next fall when the show is done forever) plugging my new book, this is where the truth will come out, and she will crucify me for making up elements of my 30 day challenge (a la A Million Little Pieces).  For the record, I never brought chocolate kisses to me to work to help engage the little kids on the reservation. Truth be told, I was just afraid of being bitten to death by the dogs that swarmed the vehicle once we arrived.

1957h. Started yoga class. The theme is core. Moments into boat pose, I realize something terrible: there is a direct correlation between doing core work and craving chocolate deeply.

2045h. Thought about chocolate for most of the class (despite having a very different intention set out for myself at the beginning of the class).

2047h. Relaxation time--everyone's favourite part of yoga class. Planning the menu for my dinner once the 30 days are up:
Salad: ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and chocolate chips)
Appetizer: PBN sandwich (PB & Nutella sandwich)
Main: my famous chocolate/Reese's PB cup cake
Dessert: chocolate-PB pudding cake
See a bit of  a theme there--AKA chocolate and PB?!?

2150h. Just about ate chocolate chip granola bar. Substitute with date.

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